Spikezone Volleyball

About Spikezone Volleyball

Spikezone is Volleyball Australia’s modified version of Volleyball and beach volleyball designed especially to increase participation opportunities for primary and early secondary school students aged between 8 and 13 years.

  • Spikezone Volleyball is a fun and energetic activity
  • Spikezone Volleyball is a great team sport
  • Spikezone Volleyball increases coordination and socialisation skills
  • Spikezone Volleyball is a non-contact gender equal sport
  • With Spikezone Volleyball all equipment is provided, you just need to bring yourself and a drink bottle.

The Program

Is designed for children where they can learn Volleyball in a fun, game orientated learning environment. It is a great group activity for the children and their friends.

 For more information on the program please click the link  Spikezone 



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